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Nähdään Turussa: “Empowering Patient Education” EPE2018-Symposium 13.-14.12.2018

Tervetuloa tapaamaan Hotusta, meillä on Turussa esittelypiste paikan päällä! Nähdään joulukuussa!

December 13th‒​14th 2018, Turku Finland

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 10th Anniversary Symposium Visualizing the Innovations of Empowering Patient Education in December.

Empowering patient education has been a key area of research and education in the University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science for a long time. International course “Empowering Patient Education” (EPE) started in 2008 and we have enjoyed the participating students from many different countries during these years.

The purpose of the 10th Anniversary Symposium is to create a platform for meeting of experts and to discuss modern solutions in empowering patient education. The scientific program will consist of lectures from the top international experts in the field, electronical poster presentations and networking.

We would like to warmly welcome our partners and collaborators, and all interested in patient education, to our symposium.

If you have any questions concerning the symposium,
please contact us via e-mail: epesymposium2018(a)

You can also find us on Facebook: ​